Get ADHD Support And Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Life is overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes we’re too busy being overwhelmed to stop and realize there are more options. When you have ADHD, sometimes the details of life can trip you up, can knock you down, and get you feeling down.

If that sounds like you, we’d like to provide some ADHD support. We coach adults, professionals, and college students with ADHD. We’ll help you dust off the disappointment, get back on your feet, and start taking steps toward how you want your life to be.

Take these next steps to get ADHD support:

STEP 1: Schedule Phone Consultation

The first step is having a 15-minute conversation with us. It allows you to get a feel for us and ask us questions, and for us to introduce ourselves. A good fit is important to us, and we want you to feel confident that ADHD Collective is right for you. We’re friendly. And it’s free.

STEP 2: Intake Consultation Session (90 mins.)

This is one of the most important sessions of the coaching process. Rather than lead with solutions, hoping they stick, we begin with questions. Lots of them. Our goal is to achieve an understanding of your ADHD world and specifically how you make meaning within it. The more insight we have, the better the solutions are. This helps achieves more growth in less time.

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