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Use Dr Hallowell To Start Your ADHD Research

Researching ADHD

Have you just been diagnosed with ADHD? Or maybe you have a gut feeling that you just may have it and want to explore more about it?

Whatever the reason, you’re about to take a deep dive into the ocean of information the online world has about ADHD and want to know a reliable place to begin.

You’re going to be exposed to boatloads of stuff along your journey to a better understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and sometimes it can get downright overwhelming.

Creating a Framework For ADHD

Getting a quick overview of ADHD can give you a leg up in the process, and be the foundational framework you keep coming back to after one too many rabbit-holes.

Not only is Hallowell’s approach an inspiring and powerful one, it’s also the one we turn to most here at ADHD Collective.

We’ll provide a few reasons why he’s our leading ADHD-guide, and if those reasons resonate with you, continue with this blog-post and we’ll offer some links to our favorite material of his you can get started with right away.

Top Reasons For Using Dr Hallowell As Your ADHD Guide

1. He Has ADHD And Deeply Understands It

The stigma that often accompanies ADHD can leave those who have it feeling misunderstood. Hallowell himself has ADHD (minus the hyperactivity), and understands the struggle it can produce for others.

But more than just making him more relatable, it makes him a tangible example of how those with ADHD can storm the world with their talent.

2. He’s Cautious About Labeling It A Disorder

Labeling ADHD as a disorder can make things worse for those who have been diagnosed. It almost creates a disorder treating it that way!

Approaching ADHD with this negative view tips those who have ADHD headlong into debilitating shame and fear.

Here’s how Dr. Hallowell sees it:

“The best the way to think about ADD [ADHD] is not as a mental disorder but as a collection of traits and tendencies that define a way of being in the world.”

3. He Approaches ADHD With Positivity

One of the most powerful things about Hallowell’s approach is his emphasis on the talent and engaged personalities that often accompany those who have ADHD.

He advocates a strengths-based approach, which works to develop an individual’s natural talents so they can begin operating in them at full throttle.

Start Your ADHD Research Right Now

If that resonated with you, here is some material to get you started right now on your ADHD journey!

Delivered from Distraction

Click the photo above to get
Dr. Hallowell’s book.

Links to Dr Hallowell Videos

This is a great snapshot of ADHD. It has some great stuff that doesn’t require an afternoon to watch.

  • “Dr Hallowell on ADHD” Youtube Video
  • “The Path To Peak Performance” Youtube Video
  • “Take Back Control Presentation” Youtube Video
  • “Why Smart People Underperform” Marie TV Video on Youtube

Dr Hallowell Audio and Text Resources

links that lead to more Dr Hallowell resources

  • Edward Hallowell Archive on totallyADD.com
  • Overview of ADHD on Dr. Hallowell’s Website
  • Dr. Hallowell’s Blog

Over To You

What material has been helpful for you along your journey? Tell us in the comments below. If you have any questions, please reach out. If we could help in any way, we’d love to.

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