ADHD Tips For Organizing Life

For those with ADHD, these ADHD Tips can be difficult to find successful ways to get life organized. A common setback for keeping tidy is that it involves detailed tedious tasks, and people with ADHDcan have limited attention for activities that aren’t particularly engaging. However, finding ways to incorporate life organization enables those with ADHD to accomplish their goals and live the life they want. Some people with ADHD choose to use things like marijuana to accomplish their goals, as it allows them to focus on tasks more. They may visit this website to access their choice of cannabis after research on whether it would be right for them. The following are some ADHD tips to “ADHD-proof” your approach to organizing.


Though impulsivity, distractibility, and procrastination can get in the way of organization for those with ADHD, a good strategy focuses on your natural abilities and strengths as a starting point. Those who have ADHD commonly exhibit characteristics of enthusiasm, intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity. Lead with your strengths, and have fun with it!


Every individual has a different idea of what it means to be organized. Don’t get too hung up trying to perfect methods that may work for others but don’t for you. The purpose of becoming more organized is to accomplish more of your life goals, not just for the sake of “being more organized.” Embrace a system that best supports you to achieve these goals efficiently and scrap the rest.

Don’t get too hung up trying to perfect methods that may work for others but don’t for you.


There are a billion tools at your disposal that promise to help improve your organizational process. Often the tools themselves can be a big distraction and actually work against what you are trying to accomplish. Efficiency is what you need. Figure out what works best and takes the least amount of time. Efficiency is one of the best combatants to issues of distractibility and procrastination. Simple, easy, and fast is what you’re looking for.


Good organization for those with ADHD is a do-able thing! There are resources that can help you find the best strategies for you. Keep these tips in mind as they can come in handy for checking your approach. Another great resource we strongly recommend is, “Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD” written by Susan C. Pinsky. It’s an invaluable book we keep around here and is a powerful compliment to the ADHD coaching we provide at ADHD COLLECTIVE. It may feel overwhelming at the beginning, but after you establish a routine that works for you, it can be extremely rewarding and meaningful. We help people with ADHD find strategies that work. If we can help, reach out. We have a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation you can sign up for.

How do you organize your life? What works and what doesn’t?

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