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ADHD Quotes for Information and Inspiration

A good quote can change the way we think. I have Evernote’s full of saved quotes from a variety of subjects. When I come across one that clarifies a truth, makes me think differently, or gives me the chills, I scoop it up.

We spent a little time gathering some of the best quotes from “Delivered From Distraction” and “The Gift of Adult ADD”, books we keep on our shelf at home for their insight. We wanted them to be visually interesting so people could pin them on their Pinterest profiles.

Scroll through them below, and if you see one that you dig, hit the “Pin It” button on the top left of the photo to share it with your friends on Pinterest!

(Do you have any quotables? Share a quote about ADHD that has meant something to you in the comments below, and we’ll add it to this list–all doctored up and pretty too!)

ADHD Quotes Gallery

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