what is adhd coaching

Everything You Need To Know About ADHD Coaching


If you have ADHD, and are wondering whether ADHD coaching can help you in your journey, this post is for you.

I hope to help shed light on the ADHD coaching process to help you start following through on the things that are most important to you.

What is ADHD Coaching?

  • An ADHD coach pairs up with your journey and helps you get from where you are to where you want to be, one step at a time.
what is adhd coaching

The ADHD Coaching Process

Every ADHD coaching organization or service is going to be a little different in their specific method or process.

That being said, here are several key components of the ADHD coaching process that are important.

1. Understanding your world and how you make meaning within it

The worst way to begin ADHD coaching is by throwing a bunch of solutions your way and hoping they stick.

Not only is it not helpful, it doesn’t work.

There may be certain traits associated with ADHD, but everybody’s different. There’s only one you on the planet.

best way to begin ADHD coaching

The best way to begin the ADHD coaching process is by understanding who you are and where you’re at.

This is why all our clients start the ADHD coaching process in the same way: a 90-minute intake consultation.

We ask a ton of questions and then follow-up questions, and then we listen. We want to know what your world looks like in detail.

2. Helping you identify and set your goals

When you’re not intentional about where you’re going, you end up in places you never intended to be.

Identifying what you want to achieve is important for giving you direction. Setting a goal is like putting your destination in a GPS.

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want to achieve, and that’s great. However, sometimes you don’t know what you want.

an adhd coach asks targeted questions

Part of the job of an ADHD coach is to ask targeted questions, to draw out and uncover your goals and desires. In this way, ADHD coaching involves self-discovery. Much of the ADHD coaching process is about taking what’s inside, and externalizing it.

Whether it’s on paper, a whiteboard, or Evernote, this process of externalization can be a powerful tool for seeing things differently and for discovering patterns not recognized before.

3. Creating an action plan

It’s not enough to know what you want, you have to make a plan for getting there.

It’s important to make your goals and action plan clear and measurable, so it can be realistically tracked over time.

adhd coach helps break down your goal

Achieving a goal is often the result of completing a variety of smaller tasks. An ADHD coach helps you break down your goal up into smaller manageable tasks, to make sure that you always know the next step to take.

Together we plan out your week, and incorporate the action steps for storming your goal(s) and creating momentum.

4. Creating a strategy that anticipates obstacles

Anytime you attempt to make a change in life you will inevitably encounter resistance. This is normal and to be expected.

adhd obstacles and challenges

Planning for obstacles and having a strategy for when they occur is helpful. Otherwise they can catch you off-guard and shut you down.

Incorporating obstacles and challenges into the ADHD coaching process helps diffuse their sting and power. It’s when they aren’t planned for, that they can hit hard, deflating self-esteem and momentum.

5. Checking in with you throughout the week

Accountability and support play a big role in why coaching can work so well for those with ADHD.

Having another person who is genuinely rooting for you, who is invested in your growth, and who is waiting to hear about how you are doing, is really important.

adhd coaching accountability

Sometimes the thing you wanted to get done, doesn’t get done. Or sometimes an off day gets you down.

These things happen. It’s important to schedule check-in times throughout the week. To see how you’re feeling and talk about it.

Sometimes your plan needs a simple change, so you keep your momentum going. Maybe it’s a quick phone call, or a text message. Checking-in with you throughout the week is an important tool for ADHD coaching.


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    1. Having someone help my sister with ADHD would really be great so that she can finally understand her world and how she makes meaning of it. A coach might be able to help her set her goals and keep them in mind. This way, she can create an action plan and make it come to life.

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