ADHD Coaching For College Students

We believe in college students. So we created a solution for them. Click the video below for more details:

College For ADHD Students

Starting Your Semester

adhd coaching for college students

Leaving home and going off to college is an exciting time, but the freedom of college life also ushers in a new batch of stressors for students with ADHD.

At first, it might feel nice to not have mom and dad around, but after first semester grades post, you might feel differently.

It’s time to take responsibility for your self—and having an ADHD coach can make the difference regarding your academic success.

We can help. We believe that your ADHD traits include many strengths—that you may not be effectively utilizing! What we can help you do with our coaching for college students:

  • Find an ADHD-friendly College
  • Transition to College (college apps, life skills, etc.)
  • Identify Your ADHD Strengths!
  • Manage Workload
  • Advocate for learning disability assistance and accommodation
  • Develop advanced study skills (study smart)
  • Time Management Skills
  • Scheduling & Appointment Systems
  • Money Management and Creating a Budget

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